The Appalachee Baptist Association

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Learn about the history of The Appalachee Baptist Association.

Our History

Associations of Baptist churches date back to the 17th century, when in 1644, seven Particular Baptist congregations met together in London, England and produced a document outlining their doctrinal beliefs. The first association in America dates back to 1670, when four General Baptist congregations formed an association in Rhode Island. However, the primary historical roots of “modern” Baptist associations arise in the formation of the Philadelphia Association in 1707 and the Sandy Creek Association in 1758. The Philadelphia churches were more formal and orderly while the Sandy Creek tradition coming out of the Great Awakening possessed great evangelistic fervor.

The Appalachee Baptist Association, being one of the early associations constituted among Georgia Baptists, dates back to 1835. Three churches met at Freeman Creek Baptist Church and constituted into an association. Freeman Creek church continues to be a part of our family of churches. From that meager beginning we have grown into a family of 38 churches and church starts, as well as three ministry sites.

Our churches are ethnically and racially inclusive. Our task is to nurture harmony in faith and practice; nurture fellowship among churches and church members; call the churches to be on mission; provide resources and services to churches and leaders; train, develop and encourage church and associational workers; and establish and maintain appropriate communication and relationships with the community and the denomination. Our churches enjoy freedom and independence from coercion but joyfully participate with other family churches in our dedication to evangelism and missions as taught in Holy Scripture.