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A family of churches on mission.
Our motto is “A Family of Churches on Mission.” By the word family” we mean that we belong to each other. That family bond is more than a good and benevolent feeling. We are committed to one another in accordance of our common oneness in Christ. Like any family there exist differences in personality but the family relationship grows from a common experience of salvation, a common commitment to Christ as Lord, and a common understanding that God’s Word is the guide for our lives.

When we say we are a family of churches “on mission” we intend to lift up the ultimate purpose given to all believers that we call The Great Commission. We go into the entire world as we pray for and send missionaries to other parts of the world. But there is something unique about the association in that we are missionaries in our own setting. The association’s goal is to assist churches to Glorify God as they effectively confront all the people in our setting with the claims of Christ upon them.

Feel free to browse our site to discover some of the ways we assist our family of churches. If we can help you in any way, please 
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Chris Conner
Director of Missions

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