Training Videos

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for the Church (Aubrey Malphurs)
Seven Steps to Creating a Strategic Plan for your Church
Reshaping a Church\’s Mission and Vision (Aubrey Malphurs)
Creating a Dynamic Strategic Plan for your Church (Thom Rainer)
Church Budgeting 101 (Aubrey Malphurs)[/showhide]


Christians in the Age of Outrage (Ed Stetzer)
Becoming A Welcoming Church( Thom Rainer)[/showhide]

Social Media

Leveraging Facebook Groups for Growing Groups Offline (Mike Taylor)[/showhide]

Pastor Tools

Digital-Friendly Filing System For Sermon Illustrations, Books And More (Brad Whitt)
System for Finding, Storing and Retrieving Sermon Illustrations (James Merritt)
Seven Reasons Pastors Burn Out (Thom Rainer)
Seven of the Greatest Stressors on Pastors (Thom Rainer)
Five Stages of a Pastor’s Ministry (Thom Rainer)
Why Conflict Leads to Complacency in Many Churches (Thom Rainer)
How Do You Respond To A Member Who Thinks You Should Resign? (Thom Rainer)
Revisiting the Billy Graham Rule for Pastors” (Thom Rainer)[/showhide]


Fourteen Practical Ways to Connect to Millennials (Part 1)
Fourteen Practical Ways to Connect to Millennials (Part 2)
Discipleship Plan Blueprint That Includes Discipleship Every Time (Levi Skipper)
The Fastest Growing Influence on Your Outreach — Pro and Con (Scott Smith, GBMB)
Student Leader Training:  How To Get Students from Scared to Prepared In Sharing Their Faith Story
A Simple Evangelism Method Thousands of Christians Are Using to Finish Their Gospel Conversations (Scott Smith with Marilyn Adamson of
Reaching Next Gen:  Friend Day / Parent Focus
Reaching Next Gen:  Teens and C-Bridge, Developing Leaders / Parent Focus
Reaching Next Gen: Steve Parr  – Erosion of Student Attendance Globally
Reaching Next Gen:  Steve Parr w Mrs. Terry Butcher – Christian Learning Centers at Public Schools
Reaching Next Gen (Kids Edition):  Kids Praying for Kids
Reaching Next Gen (Kids Edition):  Team Day At Church
Reaching Next Gen (Kids Edition):  Summer Surge
Reaching Next Gen (Kids Edition):  Easter Outreach
Reaching Next Gen (Kids Edition):  Friend Day / Parent Focus
Reaching Next Gen (C-Bridge)  Leadership Enlistment and Onboarding 
Reaching Next Gen (C-Bridge)  Six Fridays of Fellowship[/showhide]


Tips for Success (1/13)
Seven Things that can Stop You From Leading Revitalization (2/13)
Seven Ways to Deal with Critics (3/13)
The 4-Legged Stool of Revitalization (4/13)
The Awesome Power of a High Expectation Church (5/13)
Ten Examples of Raising Expectations in Your Church (6/13)
Simple Church and Revitalization (7/13)
Simple Church: Clarity and Movement (8/13)
Simple Church: Alignment and Focus (9/13)
Revitalization and Outward Focus (10/13)
Ten Practical Examples of Outward Focus (11/13)
Relational Skills of Leaders (12/13)
Leadership Skills (13/13)[/showhide]

Guest Follow Up

Creating Follow Up Systems That Retain Guests (Michael Lukaszewski)
Six Reasons Guests Decide To Come To Your Church (Thom Rainer)
Why Your Greeter Ministry Might Be Running Guests Off (Thom Rainer)
Seven Ways To Double the Number of Guests Who Return (Thom Rainer)[/showhide]

Pastor Search Committee Training

Six Mistakes Search Committees Are Making Today (Thom Rainer)[/showhide]

Sunday School

Sunday School Matters: Introduction (Allan Taylor)
Sunday School Matters: Session 1 – Leadership Matters (Allan Taylor)
Sunday School Matters: Session 2 – Vision Matters (Allan Taylor)
Sunday School Matters: Session 3 – Souls Matter (Bob Mayfield)
Sunday School Matters: Session 4 – Teaching Matters (Ken Coley)
Sunday School Matters: Session 5 -Transformation Matters
Sunday School Matters: Session 6 – Curriculum Matters (Dan Cook)
Start Teaching Right: Go After The Wandering (Josh Hunt)
How To Study The Bible In Order To Teach The Bible (Josh Hunt)
How To Do A Word Study (Josh Hunt)
Start Teaching Right: The Gospel  – It May Not Be What You Think (Josh Hunt)
My Two Favorite Questions When Teaching Adults (Josh Hunt)
How To Teach The Bible Using 10 Questions (Josh Hunt)[/showhide]